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Trudie Telesford-Pierre

Trudie Telesford-Pierre, Director, Deputy CEO


trudie telesford pierreTrudie Telesford-Pierre is the Deputy CEO at KCL Capital Market Brokers. She also sits on the Board of Directors, serves as the Company’s Corporate Secretary and heads the Risk, Legal and Compliance Division. Her responsibilities include the formulation and execution of the company’s corporate governance structure and the Project Finance arm of the company. Mrs. Telesford-Pierre is also a part of the executive management team that guides the company’s corporate strategy and business development initiatives. She is a Fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants of the United Kingdom and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Trinidad and Tobago.

Before assuming her position at KCL Capital Market Brokers Mrs. Telesford-Pierre held senior management positions at AIC Finance Limited, including acting as CEO, and having responsibility for operations, risk management, ICT, HR & Administration, recoveries, and trust services. The breadth of her experience as a senior manager spans both the private and public sectors. Throughout her career she has led business re-engineering, strategy formulation and execution, corporate governance, human resource management and finance and accounting initiatives for a number of organisations.  

Her vast experience in the financial service environment has informed her belief that all corporate decisions should be risk-based and that effective enterprise risk management results in organisational sustainability and excellence. As a result she is known for her strict adherence to the policies and procedures that support the corporate governance structure. 

Trudie Telesford-Pierre sees the importance of mentoring and is passionate about contributing to a continuous learning organisation. Throughout her career she has dedicated her professional and personal resources to increasing the wealth of knowledge and skill within the organisations of which she has been a part.

Her willingness to contribute to the greater good outside of her professional life has led her to share her expertise in the financial sector as a member of the Board of the Habitat for Humanity Trinidad and Tobago Chapter. There she serves as Chairperson of the Finance and Audit Committee and a member of the Governance and Human Resource Committee. Trudie Telesford-Pierre is a firm believer in giving back to society and emulates this tenet in every facet of her life.