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Liesel Alexander

Liesel Alexander, VP Corporate Finance & Asset Management

BA Management & Economics

liesel alexanderLiesel Alexander is KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited’s Vice President of Corporate Finance and Asset Management and has been professionally involved in the finance industry for over 12 years within the banking and non-banking sectors.

Ms Alexander is a Licensed Broker, a member of the Structuring and Distribution team, and is responsible for managing the investment portfolio of the company. Over the course of her career she has developed experience and knowledge conducting in-depth analysis of potential investments, performance, due diligence and market condition analyses.

In 2005, she joined AIC Financial Group in the position of Senior Analyst within AIC Securities, the company’s brokerage arm. She was later promoted to Portfolio Manager within AIC Capital Market Brokers Limited. Prior to joining AIC Financial Group, she worked for the country’s highest rated bank, First Citizens Bank, managing the Pensions and Mutual Fund portfolios which amounted to in excess of $4.5 billion.

Ms. Alexander oversees the duties of the Kenneth Cyril Valley Foundation (“KCV”), a Trinidad & Tobago registered charitable organization focused on the empowerment of youth through education.  She is also a partner and member of the Investment team of of Aspire Fund Management Company Limited, a private equity management company focused on private sector investments throughout the Caribbean.

Ms Alexander graduated with honours in Tourism Management Studies from Senece College in Toronto, hold a Bachelor’s Degree from York University Canada, specializing in Economics and Business Management, and is current pursuing a Masters of Business Administration.