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Management Bios

Kerwyn Valley

Director, CEO

Kerwyn Valley is the Chief Executive Officer of KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited & sits on its Board of Directors. He’s the holder of an MBA from York University’s Schulich School of Business, with a specialization in Finance and International Business.

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Omaalade Adams, Director

COO, Asst. Corporate Secretary

On July 1st, 2011 Ms. Adams joined KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited as Chief Operating Officer. During her tenure she has been able to provide financial leadership and facilitate a culture of accurate, timely reporting and compliance to corporate governance standards.

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Trudie Telesford-Pierre

Director, Deputy CEO

Trudie Telesford-Pierre is the Deputy CEO at KCL Capital Market Brokers, sits on the Board of Directors, serves as the Company’s Corporate Secretary & heads the Risk, Legal & Compliance Division.

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Jacqueline Hilton-Clarke
BSc Economics

VP Institutional & Retail Sales

Jacqueline Hilton-Clarke is KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited’s Vice President of Institutional and Retail Sales. Jacqueline is the holder of a BSC degree from the University of the West Indies, with a major in Economics.

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Michelle Des Vignes

Business Development Manager, HR Manager

Michelle Des Vignes is the Business Development Manager and Human Resource Manager at KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited. She is qualified in Marketing, Project Management and Human Resources.

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Liesel Alexander
BA Management & Economics

VP Corporate Finance & Asset Management

Liesel Alexander is KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited’s Vice President of Corporate Finance & Asset Management & has been involved in the finance industry for over 12 years within the banking and non-banking sectors.

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