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Corporate Finance

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Our Corporate Finance Division offers customized financial instruments for both Issuers/Borrowers and Investors/Lenders

For Issuers:


Short Term Financing (30 days to 364 days):

Trade Finance/Prime Commercial Receivable Discounting

Project Finance

Medium Term Financing (1 year to 25 years):

Structured Finance: Securitization of Prime Assets Backed Obligations

Private Debt Issues: Short, Medium and Long Term Notes & Bonds

Private Equity Issues: Preferences Shares, Common Shares, Convertible Shares

Advisory Services:

  • Capital Structures
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Company Valuations

For Investors:

  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Money Market Investments: 30 days to 364 days
  • Capital Market Investments: 1 year to 25 years

Since 2005, we have developed expertise in the monetization of prime receivables originating from: Commercial Trade, Residential Mortgage Backed Loans, Commercial Real Estate Backed Loans and other Asset Backed Obligations (“the Financial Assets”).

The objective of the program is to improve cash flows for owners of these receivables through the sale of these assets while offering investors an array of structured securities matched to their risk profiles, investment horizons, and return targets.

What is Trade Finance?

KCL’s Trade Finance Program offers Invoice Discounting solutions to turn prime account receivables into cash while leaving the business in control over billings, collections, and other customer servicing activities.

Our Invoice Discounting Facility allows a business to monetize up to 90% of a receivable less our fees within 10 business days of submitting an undisputed invoice, once both the business and its customer have been qualified under our program. Provided that payment under the invoice is collected as agreed, the remaining 10% will be released to the business.

Our program is aimed at businesses interested in selling receivables who have:Web

  • Minimum annual turnover of US $500,000;
  • Well-established corporate governance systems; and
  • A proven performance track record and investment grade commercial receivables.

A minimum of US $50,000 invoice value may be discounted


  • Improves working capital efficiency
    • Stay current with suppliers and creditors
    • Sale of prime receivables often does not require recourse to the seller’s other corporate or personal assets
  • Increases ability to attract additional business and larger contracts
    • Say “yes” to customers who demand credit terms as your short term cash needs can be met through receivable discounting.
    • Demonstrate ability to fund contract by having access to working capital funding through receivable discounting.
    • Added support with collections based on KCL’s relationship building with counterparties.
  • This facility allows your customers the flexibility to negotiate better payment terms with you by extending their payment terms without disrupting your cash flow.

We understand that no two customers’ needs are exactly the same. Contact us so that we can partner with you to create real customer value by assisting you to realize your company’s objectives though efficient working capital management.

Contact our Business Development Unit at 223-2625 Ext 426 or 435 for further information.


What is Structured Finance?

Where Businesses, Government entities, or finance houses would like to access cash flows locked in their short, medium or long term financial assets, KCL may purchase these prime performing financial assets, thus providing the Sellers of these assets with immediate additional working capital.

The benefits of this to the Sellers are:

  • They can focus on their business of attracting premium quality loans knowing that this business line can be continually funded through sale of said loans.
  • They can manage the cost of capital of their working capital for the funding of their loans business line.
  • Access to alternative funding to grow their business.

What is Project Finance?

Project Finance is short-term to medium-term financing of government infrastructure development, construction and industrial projects based upon the projected cash flows of the project. Funding is provided to meet cash shortfalls in projects until the project gets to positive cash flow; this sometimes means funding to first invoice.

This is supported by the assignment of project flows and other collateral enhancement as determined from the due diligence assessment. The structure of the financing instrument is specific to the peculiarities of the underlying project.

Using our project finance funding you can enjoy the following:

  • Cash flow to fund project cost working capital gaps as needed freeing liquidity constraints.
  • Obtain better financial conditions when the credit risk of the project is better than the credit standing of the company.
  • Allow the lenders to appraise the project on a segregated and stand-alone basis, by isolation of project funding to the project

Contact our Business Development Unit at 223-2625 Ext 434 or 435 or our Investment Banking Team 223-2625 Ext 428.